Weekly Course Schedule – Fall 2016

INFOST 340 - 201 (Online)

Week 10 (November 7 – November 13)

Thursday, November 10   (6:30 P.M. – 7:30 P.M., GoToMeeting)
Optional Session
Online Office Hours
Every Thursday evening, I will be holding Online Office Hours using the GoToMeeting Platform. The first order of business will be to review assignments that were due for the previous week. In the case of quizzes, we will review the correct answers to the quiz. In the case of Skills Practice Assignments, we will review student solutions to the assignment as well as my solution. Students will earn substantial participation credit for volunteering to present their answers to quiz questions or their solution to Skills Practice Assignments. We will also discuss any questions that students have regarding assignments for the current week. While this is an optional meeting, I recommend that you attend whenever possible. It is a good learning experience and an excellent way to earn participation credit. For those who are unable to attend, I intend to post a recording of the Online Office Hours session in our Weekly Schedule each week. You may join the GoToMeeting session using this link.
Other Resources

Sunday, November 13, @  11:55 P.M.
Weekly Assignments Deadline
  • Conceptual Data Modeling - Part 1
Required Readings
  • Hoffer: Chapter 8.
Required Recordings
Other Resources
Written Assignments Due